Tuesday, July 1, 2008

8 years ago today

8 years ago today, Erin and I began our life together. I felt pretty old and mature at the time; getting married, going to grad school, just graduated college. But now when I look at our wedding picture I think, "what a bunch of kids." I'm not sure what's wrong with our wedding picture, but the people in the picture keep getting younger!
I played our wedding video for Erin this morning. While watching it, she came out to me as I was watering the lawn and said, "you didn't have that bald spot in our wedding video." To which I replied, "being married to you has made me loose some hair."
Of course, marrying Erin was the greatest decision of my life, besides following Christ of course. I knew that God had brought us together and that our relationship was centered upon God, but I had no idea how our faith and commitment would be tested during the ups and downs of our years together. I knew Erin was a special girl, but I had no idea just how fortunate I really was. Erin's commitment to making our relationship work amazes me. She has such a sensitivity to what works and doesn't work in our relationship. Erin also has the courage to challenge us to keep working on our relationship.
I also knew Erin would be a good ministry partner, but again, I had no idea just how well we'd work together. The longer we serve God and others together, the more I aware I am of why God brought us together. Erin has the gifts and personality that both compliment my weaknesses (and vice-versa) and fit well within our church and community. Was it a coincidence or did God bring us together for a reason?
And how are we going to celebrate our 8th anniversary? A candle-light dinner? A romantic rendezvous? Nope, I've got musical practice for 3 hours tonight and the first half hour will be spent working on the kissing scene with my co-lead. How ironic, huh?

This is a day however, in which I thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful partner.


joe k said...

Congrats on both your birthday and your anniversary! As for YOUR bald spot, imagine what it is like to live in MY house.

Erin said...

I LOVE you, especially the bald spot! I'm no spring chicken myself!