Saturday, July 5, 2008

2008 - Halfway point

We're halfway through 2008 and I wanted to give an update on how I'm doing with the goals I set for 2008. To reread my original post, click here.
Personal Goals
Jogging - I'm jogging a little, but nothing like I'd hoped for. About 6 miles per week.
Ab workout - nope, not at all
Weightlifting goals - I haven't hit them yet, but I'm slowly getting stronger. I pulled a hamstring muscle while squatting, which forced me to take almost 2 months off, but I'm back in the groove. Jason is talking about entering a bench/deadlift contest in November.
Personal Bible Study - Halfway through the year, I'm just a half-hour off the pace. I'll catch that back up. I have good days where I'm writing a ton from all that God is saying to me and I have drier days where I don't hear much. Growth happens though, from the consistent and steady submission to spiritual disciplines. I believe I'm healthier spiritually and closer to God than I've been in years!
French lessons - Nope, haven't started that yet
Coaching event - did that in January. Hope to get hired back on in a month.
Reading the Bible with my wife - we've been fairly consistent with this. It's amazing the things God has been showing us during these times. Again, some are dry and some are deep and encouraging.
Fasting - yep, I've been right on with this one.

Pastoral Goals
Redesigning AC - I'm still working on this. We have 2 of the needed 5 Point Team members. This has been tougher than I thought it would be.
Personally invest in our formerly unchurched - I've been doing this fairly consistently. Some people are more open to partnering with me than others. The peopel I've been able to consistently meet with for Bible study have shown amazing growth.
3 hours in prayer for TFC - yep, right on pace!
Emphasizing the 5 - yes, been doing this. Redesigning our image helped.
Equip the church for personal bible study (SOAP) - we talk about this almost every week. Maybe I should find a way to discover how many people are actually doing this?
1 chapter a day of ministry books - I'm not reading one chapter a day, but I have been reading. I'm going to do some more this afternoon.
Focus on our Fave Five - I've let slip my intentional highlighting of this on Sunday mornings. I'm excited to say about half my fave-five has been to church at least a few times! I need to begin emphasizing this again.

There you are, my halfway point evaluation. I'm pretty excited about what God has been doing in and through my life in 2008.

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Emily said...

"Growth happens though, from the consistent and steady submission to spiritual disciplines."

The things that make ya go Hmmmmm...this is so right on! In fact I think it is going to be a new "tape" for me. (Erin can explain that one)

Your doing great! Keep up the great work....and remember moving forward is all that matters! :)