Monday, July 7, 2008

TFC Movie Night

We had a great night on Saturday night. It's a holiday weekend, so not a big crowd, but still a good night. Pastor Andy had the idea of hosting a "family movie night" and I later thought it would be a great idea to invite my entire neighborhood. So Scott Sidusky and I walked our neighborhood, sticking 248 flyers into doors.
As we were walking the nieghborhood, I realized I've lost count of how many times I've gone door-to-door in my neighborhood, passing out flyers for events like our Love and Logic class, other movie nights, Easter Egg hunt, Trunk-or-Treat. I was thinking about how I'm going to keep trying to find ways to serve my neighborhood. God has placed us here for a reason and we're going to keep doing what he's called us to do.
We did have one family come on Saturday night because of a flyer. They're brand new, just moved into Doublegate. I was proud to see Tonya Pride invite them to our church picnic the next day. Tonya said the wife was the one to bring up the subject of church. I was able to talk with them a bit about church, too; the wife telling me she doesn't have much experience in church. I told her she'd fit right in at TFC! I gave them my business card, with our church webaddress and we'll see what happens.
It's as I said in the post below, I'm settling into a rythmn of daily work with an eye on the long-term. If we keep being faithful with what God asks us to do today, we'll see kingdom results over the long term.

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