Saturday, July 26, 2008

I signed an autograph tonight

Yes, for a little girl who was having cast members sign her program. I'm not sure if I've ever done that before.

Whenever I watch a musical, which I try to do at least a few times a year, I always get goosebumps during the curtain call. And when the leads come out, I almost always give them a standing ovation. Which is why since I was cast as Harold Hill back in early May, I've been looking forward to the curtain call as much as any other part of the performance. I must say, the experience didn't disappoint. When it was Caitlin and my turn, I came bounding out with the drum major high step I use during 76 Trombones. I'm not exaggerating (other people were telling me this, too) in saying the crowd erupted in a scream/roar! By the time Caitlin and I met at center stage, most of the house was on their feet. It's a moment I'll never, EVER forget!

The show tonight was amazing! It was by far the best we've ever done, so I guess you could say we're peaking at the right time. I didn't drop a SINGLE line in the songs or my dialogue. There were a few tiny mistakes here and there, but everyone was ON! The adrenaline rush was causing me to double the force of my expressions and reactions and I discovered several impromptu ways of bringing out Harold's character.

I was changing in the dressing room after the show, when someone came in telling me, "The Mayor is waiting to talk to you." I had seen Carol and her mother (who lives in Vintage Park and comes to the services we do there) sitting in the second row, stage right and was glad to see them. Anyway, Carol sincerely and enthusiastically thanked me for giving such a wonderful gift to our community. I've gotten a lot of compliments but that might be the most meaningful.

Two rather sad notes from last night. 1) While the teens were pumping themselves up by dancing around to "Go Ninja Go!", the lead part for the quartet (the quartet has, by far, the most important musical parts of the show) Alex Goerring, took an elbow to the chin which put his teeth through his upper lip. This happened 20 minutes before curtain! One of our cast members, Jacyln Dyer, is a nurse and she stitched him up.
2) We're supposed to move from the last scene to the curtain call in a matter of seconds. Which is why when the curtain closes, it's mass chaos. As soon as the curtain closes, it goes pitch black, which is quite dangers with 91 people frantically running across the stage. Thursday night, I almost plowed over a couple kids. Last night, Melissa Jackson (who is the sister-in-law of my cousin) fell off the top row of the bleachers and landed on the corner of the bottom bleacher, on her chin. It was really bad. Her teeth didn't go through but she has 3 big red marks. Again, Jacyln patched her up. She's hurt pretty bad but she was able to make it out for the curtain call!


debbie said...

You did an amazing job!!

debbie said...

You did an awesome job Prof Hill! Shea kept asking me, are you sure that is Donnie? Erin was fabulous too!

Donnie Miller said...

And thanks for sticking around to say "hi." After the auditorium cleared out, I assumed people had left, so I went into the dressing room. I didn't realize people were hanging out in the commons.