Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No Perfect People Allowed - Chapter 9

The Humble Truth about Truth: Creating a Culture of Truth-Telling Humility

"We must know where to doubt, where to feel certain, where to submit." - Pascal

Arrogant truth is the greatest evil.

The greatest resistance to Christian truth happens when Christians come across as arrogant rather than humble - so we must first create a culture that reflects the humble nature of Jesus.

I believe that ultimately, Truth is a person. (as do I)

It is important for leaders to be able to humbly admit our human limitations of knowledge. But the fact that I cannot know all truth does not mean I cannot know any truth! Humble truth allows us to admit we're not always right as fallible humans, yet it points out that we can know some things are true about God, even though we can't know all truth. Often, this opens the door for people to continue seeking truth.

Maybe part of the reason the church is losing the battle for truth is that the quality of life the Living-Truth produces is not that evident in our churches. Knowing God in truth produces an eternal quality of life, and the impact is wonderfully freeing and life-giving to our relationships, our work-world, and our moment-by-moment experience of life. Jesus said, "if you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

In most everyone's journey of faith, there are times when God seemed to be gently tapping them on the shoulder. If we can make people aware of the mystery of the Truth, who personally pursues wayward people, they become more open to responding to him.

Truth, we must remember, belongs to God alone. As people are restored into right relationship with the Truth, then by his Spirit he guides people into all truth just as he promised. Church leaders must understand this multi-dimensional process of culture creation by which our postmodern, post-Christian world arrives at truth - through humility, practical understanding, rational reasoning, and ultimately the mystery of God's guidance.

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Emily said...

"In most everyone's journey of faith, there are times when God seemed to be gently tapping them on the shoulder."

~Or slapping you upside the head...depending on the situation......:P

So my funny, smart and witty pastor....I was talking about you.