Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I can't wait until the move!

Pastor Andy, David Brush and I went over to Pioneer Ridge Middle School to do some more measuring and planning for our move to PRMS on August 31st. I came away from there so pumped about moving into that new facility! There is so much open space that has yet to be filled. Not only will we have lots of room, but our sanctuary set-up is going to get dramatically quicker. Our band out to be playing by 9:00, easily.

Our kids' set-up is going to take more work however, so it will be an even trade-off. After our guys finish the sanctuary, they'll head down the hall to the cafetaria area where Pastor Andy will be leading TFC Kidz.

It also looks like the play panels we'll need to buy for the kids' area will cost exactly what was pledged in our child-credit campaign. What an amazing coincidence, huh?

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