Friday, July 25, 2008

Opening Night

Today begins one of the most unique weekends of my life. I've never been in a show like this and I might never be again (at least not the lead). We saw the programs last night and I must say it's a bit surreal to see my name at the top of the cast list.

This whole experience has been quite a ride. It's been a pleasure to work with so many talented people. I've been surprised by my ability to develop the character of Harold Hill. Franci, our director, told me she really likes the character into which I've made Harold.
On top of all the wonderful aspects of the musical itself, Erin and I have had significant opportunities to love, serve and build relationships with new people. Although the 2 1/2 months of work we've put in has been to prepare for this weekend, I feel that even were we not able to perform this weekend, the entire experience has been great. It's been well worth all the time and energy we've given. Even though I've put in a LOT of work, I've gotten more back in return.

Despite what everyone has been telling me, I have no intention of breaking either of my legs!
We've uploaded tons of pictures, here are some links to some albums.
Album 1
Album 2

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