Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Mom" preached at TFC on Sunday

Or at least my second mom, as we called her in college. Dr. Sondra Cave is one of the (if not the) single most significant mentors in my life. Sondra is currently a professor at MidAmerica Nazarene University (my Alma matter). I first met Sondra when I was the chaplain for my freshman class and we worked together for the next four years, especially my senior year when I was Student Body President. Sondra planned our wedding, taught me tons about leadership and let me cry in her office when Erin broke up with me the first summer we were dating. (Which I laugh about now). Sondra is also on Erin and my personal intercessors team. Sondra helps her husband lead Faith Chapel Assembly of God in Stanley.

I'd wanted to have Sondra come preach for awhile and I decided the Sunday after I went to the Foo Fighter's concert would be the perfect day. Since I'd picked Sunday's passage back in October, I simply told her what I'd like her to preach on; Matthew 20:1-16. Afterwards, she asked why I gave her such a hard passage, "now I have to live what I just preached." To which I responded, "why do you think I had you preach that, so I wouldn't have to live it."

Sondra did preach a powerful message that spoke right to my heart. Or better said, it felt like God was pounding me over the head with the need to extend the same grace to others that he extended to me.

If you'd like to hear the message, click here.

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