Saturday, July 19, 2008

What a Weekend!

Quite the weekend it's turning out to be.
Last night we went to a performance of a dance camp in Gardner. We went to support our Music Man director, who lead the camp, too. After that, we went to Austin's with a group from the musical. We then went to Wally's and sang karioke until about 1 AM.

Sunday night we're having some more people from the musical over for dinner, which will be nice. We've been able to meet some wonderful and creative people through the musical. The president of Gardner Community Theatre was talking with Erin and I about joining their leadership team. I'm going to seriously consider doing that.

Tonight however, is the big night! Chris, Zach, Nate, Josh and I are going to Kemper to see the Foo Fighters! I think Nate could probably teach Dave Grohl a thing or two, but we probably won't get close enough.

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Dale said...

Foo Fighters...I am extremely jealous...hope it was a great show!