Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bling, Bling

I found a good series of posts from a blog I read regularly. I also listen to their podcasts on a regular basis, too. The church, Forefront, is a church of several hundred people and the majority of their growth comes from previously unchurched families, which is why I pay attention to what they do.

This series of posts is on giving. Of course, this is something I'm incredibly passionate about; seeing people set free from the chains of our affluent culture through giving and budgeting. I want so badly for people to experience God's best in their finances. While tithing isn't the only aspect of experiencing God's best in your finances, it's a necessary step. Until a person is tithing (tenthing) they have not yet begun to experience the fullness of Kingdom life. So, I pay attention to posts like this. It's good to pass it along so people see this giving/tithing thing isn't just something Donnie made up to increase his salary... (my salary is fixed, not on a commission).

It's an 11 part series of blog entries entitled, "Why I tithe.". Read at your leisure.
Joe, this should kill some time at work.

Part 1 "But the economy stinks"
Part 2 "It's not my money"
Part 3 "Because it's the greatest trade I could make"
Part 4 "Because I want to rely on God more and me less"
Part 5 "Because I care about my kids"
Part 6 "It helps me face my mortality"
Part 7 "It helps me set my priorities"
Part 8 "I don't want to buy into the American lie"
Part 9 "I want to have an eternal impact with my money"
Part 10 "Because God says so"
Part 11 "To express and increase my love for God"

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joe k said...

Donnie my man! Great links! I especially like #2 and #8