Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Performance Week!

The week of the show is finally here. I've actually been dreading this week a little bit. I'm not nervous about the show (at least I wasn't until last night), but I've been worried my voice won't hold out for the entire week. We're running through the show every night this week and we'll be doing the show Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But we've now got one night down, 6 more to go.

I choked a bit last night, forgetting dialogue, lyrics and dance steps. I think the lights and costumes made me a bit nervous, but I was flustered most of the night, trying to change costumes, grab props and remember when/where I was supposed to come on. By the second act however, I'd relaxed and was much more confident. I guess this is why we do a whole week of dress rehearsals.

If you'd like to see more pictures, you can check out my facebook album.

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