Saturday, October 27, 2007

Why I appreciate Pastor Andy!

With this being the end of pastor appreciation month, I want to get it out there why I appreciate Pastor Andy. As we were talking today, he told me about an article he was reading in a Children's Ministry magazine about the "new" form of teaching. Turns out, Andy's already teaching our kids with this method; getting kids involved in a story. The article talked about not putting on a show but getting kids involved in a story. Andy thinks most churches will be using this method within the next several years. That's just one of the many ways I'm seeing how God knew exactly what he was doing in sending Andy to TF (and in having us wait so long for him).

But more than his ministry effectiveness, I'm thankful for his character. A couple weeks ago Andy told me a story that both blew my mind and gave me an even clearer picture of Andy's character. At Andy's high school in Alabama, they still have separate proms and separate senior trips. The difference - color. Yes, there are white and black proms and white and black senior trips in Andy's alma mater, right now - in 2007! That just blows me away.

Well, during Andy's senior year he decided he was going to tackle this racism head-on. Andy planned the school's first (and only) black and white senior trip. To be honest, I was so shocked by what he was telling me, I forgot to ask how the trip went. But Andy planned the trip and took a lot of heat in process. You can't help but admire a guy who will stand up for what is right, even if it costs him a lot personally.

Andy will continue to learn about pastoring, but character is something that can't be taught. You have it or you don't. I'm glad Andy has it!

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