Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'm sure it's just a coincidence

While coaching this fall, there was a kid that I seemed to really connect with. Sometimes his dramatic mood swings really frustrated me but for some reason we made a good connection. I also made a good connection with his family, I had more conversations with them than any other family and even sat with them at a GEHS game. At that game, we talked a bit about church, I gave them my card and told them that coaching was a way I could serve the families of the community. They were also the family that talked about getting our Porn Sunday mailer.
Well, last week I got this email from Melissa Billings:
Hey, I forgot to tell you that my hair lady said hi! I was talking with her the other day (she did my nails before I left for the reunion). I’ve given her flyers before about the church….Well, I asked her what her boys were up to and she said that her son played football again and I asked what school he went to cuz my pastor was a coach and she said no way…is it Coach Miller, my son LOVED him. Anyway….we talked about an hour about church and stuff and it sounds like she really wants to come check TF out sometime. She actually said she wanted to come this week, but at the time I didn’t realize it was the love & logic week. It sounds like her and her boys are really ‘starving’ for a church home and how exciting to have that connection with you as her son’s coach!
So I've been connecting with this unchurched family, Melissa's been doing the same and they even live across the street from the Brush's. I'm sure it's all just a coincidence...

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Derin Beechner (Durk Niblick) said...

I'm sure it isn't. SWEET! An old friend of mine said that it took a person to accept an invitation to church 5 times before they would actually attend...that may be old-school evangelism, or it may take asking someone over and over again to come check out our awesome church.