Saturday, October 13, 2007

Great Day to be a Hawkeye!

What a gutty win today by the Hawks! Their 8 game big ten losing streak has been really frustrating (to say the least). We compete with Illinois for recruits, some of our best players are from Illinois, so it makes me nervous to see the Illini ascending while the Hawkeyes descend. But it's nice to knock them back down a knotch. By the way, Ron Zook can obviously recruit but his coaching is pretty braindead.

But the coolest thing about today is that my dad was talked about during the broadcast! It was a seed corn commercial, probably said something like "The Danny Miller farm has gotten 230 bushels per acre with _____ (whatever seedcorn he planted)." We didn't actually hear it, but dad's salesman got his permission for his name to be used during the commercial.

Dad says this might be his best crop ever! Not only is the yield record breaking, but he locked into high prices last winter so he's getting a great price, too. Usually when the yield is high, the price is low, but not this year. Erin said, "it will be a good Christmas." I told her to think longterm, the more mom and dad pay off on the farm, the better our future inheritance! I'm such a loving son...

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