Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Love Wins = a movement of God

I don't really know what else to call it but a movement of God. Several months ago God laid this ministry on my wife's heart and we started taking steps to make it happen. The whole idea intimidated us and seemed way too big for us to tackle. There were also some people that thought we were nuts. But we just had the sense that this is what God wanted us to do. It seems that movements of God start when someone steps out in faith and does what they sense God asking them to do.
These last two posts demonstrate some of the great things God is doing; post one and post two. But what is now happening is that God is using this ministry to inspire other churches to do the same thing. Our intern this year, Mike Palmer who is also helping with this ministry, told me his mom is considering starting this ministry at her home church in St. Louis. And this morning I received this email.
I heard from Treasures (Treasures is the ministry lead by Harmony Dust, who mentored us in starting this ministry) that your church is going out to minister to women in the sex industry- A group of women from Christ The Rock Community Church in Wisconsin has been doing that as well for about 3 years now. I would love to hear from someone on your team what they do and what your approach is. Thanks

Wow! We've been doing this for three months and we're already inspiring other churches across the country to do the same! That's a movement of God. I still have no idea what all is going to happen through this ministry, but I'm excited about the ride God is taking us on and the way he's shaping us into people who love like Jesus loved.

Please pray for us as we go back out this Friday evening. Pray for Erin, Jaymie and Ashley as they attempt to enter the two clubs and build relationships with the dancers and the security guards. You can also pray for Mike and me as we stand gaurd outside the clubs, pray that we have loving attitudes toward the other guys entering the clubs.

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