Monday, October 8, 2007

We confronted the Elephant

We not only confronted the elephant, but we kicked him out of our church. We really did. I wish we'd gotten a picture, but Philip dressed up in an elephant costume and spent the entire service in the front row. We wanted to create that tension of "there's an elephant in the service."
After Craig Gross' message and after sharing the ways that TF is going to help people kick the elephant out of their own lives, I brought Philip before the congregation and we physically sent him out of the sanctuary.

Now, if we're really going to get the elephant of pornography out of our lives, we must start living with accountability. The first step begins this Saturday morning from 7-9 at the Gardner Senior Citizen's center. map
Guys, BE THERE SATURDAY MORNING!!!! Let's do this, let's honor our wives or future wives, let's honor God and let's get accountable to each other.

Also, you can receive immediate help on the website Click on the "get help" menu option to find the counseling services and other help for overcoming porn.

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