Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Inspirational Superman

I've decided that October 1st was a good day to get back into the habit of running, so I slowly jogged 3 miles on Monday. It didn't feel bad, but I knew that the next day would be harder and it was. My muscles were really sore this morning. The older I get, the more pains I feel after I work out. Not only were my legs sore, but my back, neck and arms were sore, too.

So about 2 miles in, I was feeling like crap. But then John Williams' Superman Theme came up on my ipod and I got some energy. Soundsy cheesy, but that music (you can all hear it in your head right now) really got me going.

The next set of songs were by The Killers, not quite as motivational but it got me home (slowly).

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