Monday, October 8, 2007

Love Wins - Night 3

Our third night at the clubs wasn't quite as dramatic as last time, but Erin, Jaymie and Ashley did get to spend some time talking with the security at both clubs and they were able to drop off all the bags. Their was a different security gaurd at The End Zone, who wouldn't let them in this time. Erin thinks she could've gotten in but didn't want to push it. At Bonita Flats the security gaurds were glad to see them. Which is such a big change from the first time we went. It's been the same guy each night. Last month he joked "are you going to bring me anyting" so this month we brought two movie tickets left over from the first month. Erin got the impression that had she asked "mind if we go in and pass them out for you" she would've been allowed to do it, but she didn't ask. But she plans to take that step next month. Erin says it seems that Bonita Flats is a bit more intense (she got a glimpse inside) and it makes her nervous to go in there but she's growing in courage.

When we first started dropping off the bags, we wondered if the ladies really would get them, but we sure don't question that anymore. Last Thursday I got a call from a 785 number, from a Karen asking if she could drop off a gift basket for the ladies of our church. I figured it was a salesperson wanting us to buy some "women's ministry" stuff or something. So I almost gasped in amazement when she told me she was from Bonita Flats. So the next afternoon she met Erin and me at "the office" (our house) and dropped off a big basket of girly stuff (she said there was nothing in there I'd like) along with a note. When I read this note yesterday morning, the church was really pumped.

"The staff of Bonita Flats would like to thank you for the wonderful gift bags that you have brought to us. - The employees of Bonita Flats" Our church is wanting to love and serve Bonita Flats and now Bonita Flats is loving and serving our church! The love of Jesus is contagious!

Our intern from MNU, Mike Palmer has been helping with this ministry. Of course, as a guy, he doesn't go in the club, he stands guard with me outside the clubs. But here's a cool thing, his mom had been wanting to start a ministry like this at her church in St. Louis, but wasn't sure where to start. She wants to talk with us to see how to start it at her church!

And one final thing, while waiting outside the club, Mike and I saw a minivan with the Christian fish on the back drive into the club. I have no idea who it was but I know that dude needs accountability, he really needs to be at our men's pancake breakfast on Saturday!


Bill Marty said...

Just for the record, my minivan, Christian fish, and I all have alibis :)

Derin Beechner (Durk Niblick) said...

Nice Bill! Yeah, neither of my minivans have fishes on them!