Thursday, October 4, 2007

My body is killing me

I decided on Monday (the 1st) that October would be my month to get back into running. So far I've run every morning, the last two morning's I've gone with my sister-in-law who is here from Maryland to support my other sister-in-law. When I was running with Megan it was more of a run/walk/run/walk than a pure run. But after last nights' leg workout, I'm glad we didn't run the full 3 miles this morning.

I was feeling great during my squat work-out last night and on the last set, Jason had me go for a new single-rep max. I didn't know what the weight was but I knew as soon as I lifted if off the rack that I was in trouble. I tried to go down, but as soon as my but hit the bench I just sat down completely. I had no strength left and Jason had to lift up up almost all by himself (I never could've done that for him). So I totally bombed it.

I found out later the weight was 365, but I had done 330 for 5 reps last week. My body just isn't used to that high of weight yet. I should get there soon. Jason tells me I can be squatting 4 plates by Christmas. We'll see.

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