Thursday, April 3, 2008

1/4 of the way through

With the calendar turning to April, I wanted to give an update as to where I am in my New Year's resolutions. This will be a good personal check-up for me. I'll post them below and then comment on them. I originally posted them on January 3rd.

Jog 12 miles per week, although I need to fix my treadmill first
I've been doing some running but not 12 miles per week, even after getting the treadmill fixed.
Do my ab workout on the running off days Nope, haven't been doing this at all.
Finally get to 3 plates on my bench press and 4 plates on my box squat I took a step back when we changed our squat to a full box squat, but I'm slowly working back up. I'm getting really close to 3 plates on the bench.
Spend 3 hours per week in personal Bible study I've only missed one half hour, but I can catch that up sometime.
Begin studying French Haven't started this yet
Attend some sort of coaching training event Did this early February
Read the Bible with my wife before going to bed Been very consistent on this, it's been wonderful for our marriage
Fast every week from Monday noon to Tuesday noon I've been sticking to this

I've decided it's time to stop worry about things that are out of my control and to actually let God be in control of His church. This means that I'm going to entrust God with growing TF numerically so I can focus on growing people. There are two groups of people in which I'll be investing most of my time: our Advisory Council and the unchurched people God has entrusted us with. With that in mind, here are my specific goals.
Redesign the structure of our Advisory Council so we have leaders over each of the 5. Finish this by spring I've got all the ministry descriptions done, have asked several people to fill these positions, one has already committed
Personally invest in the new people who were previously unchurched (I have a list on my desk)

I've been working on this, been pretty consistent although I could become a bit more intentional
Spend 3 hours per week in prayer for TF. Right on the money
Find more ways to emphasize the 5 during Sunday morning worship We changed our image for the five, finally got a good picture for it (IPOD playlist). Need to keep emphasizing it.
Read 1 chapter a day of a ministry related book. I'm not on one chapter a day but I've been reading a lot
Equip the church for personal Bible study (coming this Sunday) or as the pastor from whom I heard of this plan called it, "develop a self-feeding program." SOAP. I talk about this a lot, should probably find a way to test and see who is actually doing it. Those who are SOAPing are really growing in their walk.
Focus on our Fave Five (coming soon)I've been talking about this but it gets hard to remain creative. The new Christians at TFC have taken this idea and ran with it, as Easter demonstrates

Overall, I feel pretty good about where I am. Although I haven't been running, I've lost some weight since the start of the year. We're reaching new unchurched people. I know that God won't send us more until we're faithful with the ones he's sent us.
I need to recruit the rest of the new leadership team based on the 5. We're calling this our Point Team.

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