Monday, April 21, 2008

Super Servant - Noel Forrester

I just heard a third-person account of a wonderful act of service done by one member of our community for another. One family at TF recently had their vehicle broke down and the mechanic gave them two really bad options: 1) Sell the vehicle for $50 scrap metal or 2) pay $3,500 to fix the engine.
To make a long story short, Noel Forrester said he could get the engine for $500 and would put it in for them. Wow, that's awesome!
That's awesome for two reasons. First of all, I can barely change my oil so I'm impressed by those with mad mechanical skills. But secondly that's awesome because it's a great picture of the discipline of serving others.

Good stuff.


durkniblick said...

And the Kumor's too! Hey, I'm "the guy with the broken van", Derin Beechner. Apparently you need to keep an ample supply of this thing called "oil" in an engine to keep it from seizing up and becoming one big piece of solid metal. Which is what Noel is replacing. THANKS MAN!

We are a family of 6-Minnie and I and our 4 boys. We live in Olathe, but I work in Gardner, and the 2 little ones go to daycare in Gardner. Minnie teaches close to Stanley and takes the twins with her to her middle school. Needless to say we have a real need for two cars. And guess who offered their second car to us to borrow?

The Kumor's, Joe and Vanessa, handed us two sets of keys and told us that they would be fine with their ONE truck! They work different hours so it all worked out! But that was still a HUGE sacrifice on their part! THANKS GUYS! Joe has also lent a helping hand to Noel in the fixing of the van!

Noel and Joe (and Venassa) have saved us, LITERALLY, thousands of dollars. They also spent time. And trusted us with a car!

You guys ROCK so hard core! Thank you for helping us out in a real crisis. You guys really are super servants!

Change your oil now,

Dawn said...

Noel Forrester ROCKS!!!!!

Dawn Strahan