Saturday, April 5, 2008

Giving = Sign of Pentecost

I just finished my SOAP reading for the day. It was Acts 4:23-37. That's the S.

Observation Vs. 23 - This time of prayer was in response to the persecution that came from telling people about Jesus. While it's true that they retreated away to pray, their retreat was because they'd been pouring themselves out in service to others.

What happened as a result of being filled with the Holy Spirit?
1) Vs. 31 - they preached with boldness
2) Vs. 32 - they were united
3) vs. 32-37 - they shared what they had with each other
- which Luke tells us testified to the Resurrection.
4) Vs. 33 - they testified to the Resurrection Was that with words or deeds?

It's funny how preaching gets such a short line but there are 5 verses about sharing their possessions.

The surest sign someone is filled with the Holy Spirit and testifying to the power of the Resurrection is that they're sharing their financial resources with others.

Application What about me? It's real easy to say that to others, but it's another thing to apply that to my own personal budget. How can I be more generous?

Prayer Lord, show me if changes are necessary. I feel content with my current level of giving, but am I truly honoring you?

That was my actual journal entry for the day. Maybe a bit redundant to write in a notebook and then type it into my blog. Oh well.

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