Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thoughts while on this morning's jog

I ran 3 miles today, felt great to be outside in the cool spring morning.My ipod lined up went as follows: Pillar - Let it out, 3rd Day - Come Together, Green Day - Wake me up (when September ends), Pillar - Bring me Down, David Crowder - Make a Joyful Noise, Savage Garden - I want you (borderline acceptable - but 90's), A Miles Davis love song of Erin's that I quickly skipped, DC Talk - Jesus freak (the version of a guy singing that reminds me of a song evangelist from my home church) and the run ended with Tim McGraw's "Smile" - also one of Erin's, but I let it slide.

I jogged past a house that always has a beautiful lawn. Although, last fall was the exception, it looked like he had an infestation of grubs that ate up about half the lawn. But usually his grass is emmaculate. But I noticed that this spring it's perfect again, all those holes are filled back in. And then I remembered that he owns a lawn business, I've seen the truck in his driveway. This means he has to have a perfect lawn, because everyone's always looking at his grass. "Why should I trust him if he can't take care of his own lawn?"

I quickly made the connection to my own life as a pastor...

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