Saturday, March 31, 2007

Great thought on tithing

Relevant magazine, 7 major Christian leaders were asked 7 big questions. Two of the guys interviewed were two pastors of whose podcasts I listen every week, Rob Bell and Mark Driscoll. Another person interviewed was one of my favorite authors, Lauren Winner; author of two great books, Girl Meets God and Real Sex: The Naked Truth about Chastity.

When asked "What is a negative tendency of this generation as it relates to the faith?" Winner replied with this gem:

"Our failure to tithe. I hear all the time: “I just can’t afford to give right now.” I hear that from my middle-class American peers. I wonder, if we “can’t afford” to give now, why not? And if we “can’t afford” to give now, when will we be ale to afford to give? I know of nothing that will transform someone’s spiritual life more abruptly than beginning to tithe. If we want to learn about dependence on God, tithe. If we want to have our treasure in heaven, tithe. If we want to have any hope of having solidarity with the poor, tithe. "


Or, if you wanted to be a more biblical Christian, you can read this site -
My wife, Erin, saw a bumper sticker that said "Christians don't have to tithe" with this web address underneath. Nope, Christians don't have tithe, but they get to tithe - and then some!

I'd have to agree with Lauren, not that website. While giving 10% isn't as explicit as a "thou shalt not..." it seems to be a biblical minimum expectation. The tithe has good support throughout church history, too. I believe it's a basic level of giving - from which a lifestyle of generosity flows.

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