Thursday, March 29, 2007

Going for broke

Following the advice of Perry Noble at the Church Planter's conference in February, I've started reading Nehemiah. I got stuck in Chapter 2 for a long time. What a 'ballsy' request in verses 4-8. I just couldn't get away from this. Would I have the same guts to ask for something big from God?
I really like comfort, I enjoy being in a comfort zone a lot more than being on the edge. But I've been reminded that what drew me to planting a church was that I was more scared of status quo than failure. In planting a church, you'll either sink or swim, nothing inbetween. I spent months wondering if we'd get off the ground, wondering whether I'd be working at FedEx my whole life. But we had a successful launch and first year, so all those fears are behind me. I've almost forgotten what it's like to be on the edge and I've been sensing God pushing me out of my comfort zone.
Do I trust him? Could I ask something bold of my King, as Nehemiah asked of his?
More to come....

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