Thursday, March 29, 2007

Planting the Seed

I gave an Easter invitation to one of my neighbors today. We've been praying for them and investing in them for a couple years. She thanked me for the invitation and told me she'd been going to First Light a little bit. I think she was worried about hurting my feelings but I assured her it's a great church and that Pastor Steven and I are good friends. I was pumped to hear that they've started going back to church. Since she grew up Methodist, First Light was the natural fit for her.
The same thing happened last Easter. We'd also been investing in and praying for some neighbors down the street and one night Erin was able to have a good conversation and church and God with the wife. When we invited them to Easter a month or so later, the wife told Erin they'd gone to First Light a few times, since she had grown up Methodist. If we keep praying, our entire neighborhood will be back in church - back at First Light!

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