Friday, March 30, 2007

Quote from March 25th's Sermon

I was told the other day that I should keep a record of some sermon quotes. Here's one from Sunday, "We didn’t start Trinity Family in September of 2005 because Gardner needed another spiritual storefront that could dispense religious goods and services to meet the needs of the already convinced."
I was so into the message on Sunday that I lost track of where I was in my notes, I was just flying along. I overlooked that line earlier but God brought it back to my mind just before the end of the message. I prayed so hard about how God wanted me to word Sunday's sermon and maybe the Holy Spirit didn't want me to miss that line.

Our church is committed to service; serving our community and serving those disconnected from God and from church. Here's another great quote I used on Sunday:
finding godly older families who were willing to serve new converts instead of demanding to fill their face at our programming trough proved tougher than finding someone with an IQ bigger than their waist working at the DMV. – Mark Driscoll, Confessions of Reformissional Leader

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