Thursday, March 29, 2007

Nehemiah 4

It took almost a month, but I've finally moved on from Nehemiah chapter 2. This morning I was reading the 4th chapter. Some thoughts:
vs. 3 - It's amazing how those who don't agree with his vision use sweeping exagerations and sharp insults to tear him down.
vs 9 - Nehemiah was committed to guarding the vision, he wasn't about to let it be compromised.
vs 10-12 - it must've felt so dark to Nehemiah, but he kept going
vs 17-18 - This is some serious multitasking, but Nehemiah did whatever was necessary to make the vision God had given him a reality.
I'm also listening a great sermon series on this book by Mark Driscoll.
Mark's sermon over chapter 1 and 2 was almost exactly what I'd been praying and journaling about. He said we often want to keep God from looking bad so (because of fear and lack of faith) we end up making God look bad. What are we doing that will fail unless God shows up?

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