Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trunk or Treat - year 2

Thankfully, the rain held off just enough to allow us to have another successful trunk-or-treat this year. I'm also thankful we chose to move up the start by a half hour from last year because by 7:30 it was freezing cold. I've gotta give Pastor Andy props again for making this a good event again. Being the incredibly wise and talented leaders that we are, we realize the importance of passing out info about TFC along with the candy. Of all the stuff they got last night, the "no perfect people allowed" flyer has the potential to lead one toward life transformation.

After spending 5 hours passing out flyers on Saturday and putting up all those signs, it was a good feeling to see all those people show up. It was also cool to see all the creativity that went into people's trunks. Two of my sister-in-laws, Molly and Casey put in a lot of creative work. Enough creativity that some of the kids were a bit freaked out by Molly's trunk! To see the entire photo album, click here.

The event was going so well that I was able to take off and drive to Aquinas HS for the showdown between #5 St. Thomas Aquinas and #1 (in Kansas 5A) GEHS. It was a hard-hitting, well-played football game in which GEHS came up short 12-6. But they'll meet again in the playoffs. I think I relieved a lot of stress cheering on their defensive and offensive lines. But the officiating (or lack thereof) got me worked up again. The tackles from Aquinas were holding on almost every play. At one point, I got a "70 is holding" chant going. The ref must've heard it and we all gave a good sarcastic cheer when he actually threw a flag. We obviously got in the kids' head, too (for which I feel a bit bad) because on the next play, he missed his hold (he wasn't even trying to block) on a run play and the GEHS d-lineman hit the fullback in the backfield. Really, really fun football game. Even though I wasn't 'pastoring' at trunk-or-treat, I love that I can 'pastor' at a football game because of all the relational contacts I've been able to build among the community.

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