Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our DS brought it today!

Jeren Rowell, the Kansas City District Superintendent for the Church of the Nazarene, brought the wood today with his message. Jeren was at TFC today to lead our church in the official act of organization. To summarize, we've transitioned from being considered a church plant under the umbrella of our denomination to being a "fully organized church." As Jeren watched me scrambling to gather some stuff that got overlooked during our lighting-quick tear-down today, he might've wondered about the fully organized description. Basicially, this change in our status reveals that we're growing up as a church. The CON waits a few years to organize to make sure the new church has reached the point of being self-sustaining. It was also good for people who aren't real familiar with our denomination to hear Jeren's description of our church's mission. To summarize, the CON describes themselves as a Christian people, a Holy people and a Missional people.

I scheduled Jeren to preach on today's passage (Matthew 18:15-35) exactly one year ago. After sailing some rough relational waters last week, this message couldn't have been more timely. As I listened, God brought to mind some forgiveness I needed to be offering. Jeren told me afterwards that after 12 years of being a lead pastor he has some past wounds that still require conscious decisions to forgive. He described forgiveness as "a decision and a process." Today's message was probably one of the best ever delivered at TFC. Not only because of Jeren's incredible teaching ability but because of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit; both in guiding me to schedule Jeren to preach on that passage on this day and in guiding Jeren in his preperation and delivery.

To listen to Jeren's message, click here.

Just one more reminder that this is God's church and he'll be faithful to guide, empower and lead TFC if only we'll listen and be obedient!

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