Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our trip to East Lansing

Last weekend, Erin and I took a short trip to the campus of Michigan State University in East Lansing for the Iowa-MSU football game. I say short trip because we got into the Detroit Airport at 11:00 on Friday night and had to back there by 4:00 on Sunday morning.
MSU is the 9th Big Ten campus I've visited and I have to say it might be the most scenic campus of all that I've seen. In fact, some of the MSU people kept bragging that they have the greenest campus in the conference. I don't know if they're proud of their foliage or simply want to promote their school colors (green and white) but it was certainly scenic.
A river winds through campus, the sorority houses were quite beautiful and the downtown area had a nice, college-town type of feel, with unique shops and restaurants. After walking around the campus after the game, we spent about an hour in a neat little shop called, "Unique Books." We love places like that. MSU also has one of the nicest stadiums in the conference. The fact that Iowa and MSU aren't rivals (they're one of my other favorite Big 10 teams) made it a bit more relaxed, too. Since it was homecoming, there was all kind of stuff happening on the campus.
The game much left to be desired, however. Once again, Iowa completly dominated the line of scrimmage but stupid turnovers cost us the game. There was a HS coach sitting behind me and he was dumfounded as to how Iowa could be the far superior team but manage such creative ways to give away the game. The Iowa fans were obviously down after the game but the MSU fans weren't too happy, either because they knew they shouldn't have won. At least the game was entertaining and we enjoyed doig the I-O-W-A chant after our lone touchdown.
While it was a short trip, it was good to spend the weekend with my sweet wife and to see a unique part of the midwest.
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BillMarty said...

I can't even begin to explain the wonderful feelings that well up inside me when Hawkeye opponents try to lose a game and Iowa stands tall, saying "No good sirs, we won't be having any of that!"