Wednesday, October 8, 2008

30 years ago today...

our world was dramatically changed for the better, and I'm not exaggerating. 30 years ago today, Erin Kathleen O'Toole was born into the world. It's impossible to know how exactly how many lives have been impacted through Erin's life but I'm certainly the one of those who have benefited the most.

My wife deserves so much more than I can give her. She is a beautiful person. She loves deeply, forgives thoroughly, serves wholeheartedly and gives generously. I met Erin as a sophomore in college, leading a freshman orientation group and Erin was in my group. I'll admit, as a newly crowned upperclassman, I was actively checking out the freshman girls. MNU's a great place and there were a lot of great girls that really impressed me. Erin O'Toole, however rose way above the rest. Eleven years later, I have a much deeper appreciation for my wife's extraordinary character.

Today's SOAP reading was 1 Samuel 18:1-5. Jonathan's love for his friend David prompted him to sacrifice his status and position as the King's son to let David know he was valuable. This is a model of what a loving relationships looks like. The question in my journal was "can I love people in the same way?" Of course, this applies more to my wife than any other person in my life.

My concluding prayer was, "Help me to love and serve my wife in a deeper way than I currently am. She deserves it and You expect it."

Happy Birthday, sweetheart!