Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why we started TFC!

I didn't know Marty and Lindsay until Easter Sunday, but I knew they were couples like them out there, but if we were going to reach them, it would require a unique approach to church. This is EXACTLY why we started this church and why we do what we do EVERY single Sunday! I LOVE it!

I also love the relational chain that happens here. Travis gives his life to Jesus, invites several friends to TFC, one of those friends make a dramatic turn-around. Now Marty and Lindsay have been inviting a lot of friends to TFC, too. Haven't seen a dramatic turn-around among them yet, but it's coming.

Even though I did the interviewing for this video, tears still came to my eyes as David showed me the final version. We're going to be showing this on our 3rd birthday, but I couldn't wait that long to get it out there. Enjoy.

If for some reason, the embed code doesn't work, you can watch the video at this link.

Story 1 - Marty and Lindsay from David Brush on Vimeo.


swisschocolates4u said...

What a wonderful story they have to share!
Annette M.

tdstray4 said...

What a wonderful couple and awesome story! Keep loving each other; it's not always easy...