Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Well, ya' got trouble, my friend

I've finally got the video of our "Trouble" filmed by _____ (it's a secret) up on youtube.
So if you'd like to see the classic song from The Music Man, click here.

I did mess up a bit on this song. Counting practices, it was the first time I'd messed up for weeks and it had to be during an actual performance. The rhythm was pretty difficult on the song and just as I jump down off the stage, I got a bit off. But the pit stopped and we got back together. Annie, our music director told me, "anyone can do it right, but it takes skill to fix a mistake mid-stream." While that felt good, she was probably just being nice.

While seeing if my video came up during a youtube search, I found this parody of "Trouble" from a church. This is good stuff, link.

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