Friday, August 1, 2008

Look out David Grohl!

Two weeks ago, I watched the Foo Fighters. Last night, I went to the Mission Theatre to watch A Dire New Hope - myspace page. Now, even though I've played a con-man musician on stage doesn't mean I'm a qualified music critic, but I'll try. The lead singer Alex Goering, proved his vocal gifts aren't limited to the tight barbershop harmonies we heard during The Music Man. As indicated by the humor by which he handled his equipment malfunctions, Alex is a natural entertainer. I was also quite impressed by the power of Alex Latham's guitar chords. The drummer for the evening was filling in for their regular drummer, who decided (for unknown reasons) just not to show up. What most impressed me about ADNH is that they write all their own music. They had some really good songs. My two favorite were from their new album, "Fade Away" and "Farewell to Arms." You can listen to both songs (and others) on their myspace page. I couldn't help but wonder if the title "Farewell to Arms" is a back-door type of tribute to Metallica. If you can figure that out, post a comment to let me know.

ADNH opened for a two-piece band from New York, Victor Bravo. I must say I was pretty impressed by VB, too. They had a very full sound, considering they were just two instruments. The drummer was INSANE! His long arms were moving so fast I could barely see them move, which filled out the sound. I have to give the nod to VB over ADNH simply because they gave away free CD's. If Alex G really brings me a CD to our party tonight, I'll change my verdict.

On their very last song (the name of which I don't really want to write on this blog), I began acting about half my age and started a mosh pit. I pulled Matt Jordan out into it, too, getting him to act about 1/3 his age! As always happens with a mosh pit, something got broken. Matt slammed Alex L into a keyboard leaning against the wall. We had to tone it down a bit when some girls jumped into our 4 man mosh pit.

Some good pictures of the band and our mosh pit were taken last night. I'll post them as soon as I receive them. ADNH will be playing this Saturday evening at the teen center of Grace Community CON in Spring Hill.


Alex Goering said...

i love you Donnie! hahaha coming to church tomorrow i think just to check it out!


Anonymous said...

A picture of us moshing would be worth seeing! Alex appeared to be suffering no ill effects from his unfortunate "fall" Friday night. ;)