Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Feeding yourself

Thankfully, I haven't heard it much, but a few times I've been fed the line of crap that is, "Trinity Family isn't feeding me spiritually." We do our best to lead people in worship and study the scriptures the one time a week we're together, but one meal a week, no matter how good it is, isn't enough. It's not the church's job to feed you, it's the church's job to give you a fork and a meal plan, so you can feed yourself! This is why we've implemented the SOAP plan this year.
To follow our SOAP plan, check out the SOAP Blog that Derin Beechner consistently updates.

I just heard an incredible message by the pastor from whom I got the idea for SOAP, Wayne Cordiero. To hear the message, follow this link and listen to the sermon entitled, "One Prayer: Make Us Wise, Guest Wayne Cordiero." I love his point about how he fed his kids when they were babies, but as they grew up, it became their responsibility to feed themselves.

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joe k said...

I listened to the whole thing (on company time) and came away impressed. Keep up the great work!