Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Super Servants - Sunday's children's ministers!

This edition of Super Servants is an obvious choice, it's all of those who served in our kids area on Sunday. Here they are all, read this list and be proud of these servants!

Emily Hail

Michelle Corbin

Tonya Pride

Barb Pearson

Melissa Billings

Dawn Strahan

Mike Palmer

Brian Roberts

Destiny Florez

Aaron Holmes

If you were in the sanctuary, you know the powerful service that they missed. But while we were seeing the Holy Spirit work in the hearts of people these Super Servants were serving everyone's kids. There isn't a more evangelistic thing anyone could've been doing from 10:30-11:45 on Easter Sunday than serving the kids of our first-time guests.

And as a perfect example, I'll share this story. The toddler of a new family wet his pants in the nursery during the service (he's in the process of being potty-trained). So Barb Pearson went into the sanctuary to ask the parents what to do with his wet clothes and how to change him. I was meeting with that family on Sunday night and they told me how impressed they were with that gesture. Way to go Barb, Tonya and Emily!

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