Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pre-Game Jitters

Here are some of my thoughts and questions the night before the biggest day of the year:
  • I haven't been this nervous on a Saturday night for a long time. There is so much stinkin' pressure on Easter. So many people who are taking their annual shot at church, "is this church worth coming back to?" I NEED the Holy Spirit speaking through me.
  • I've had this theme "Echoes of Easter" on my mind for months and I think something has come of it and will connect with new people tomorrow, but I can't know for sure.
  • What will the huge turnout from Friday mean for attendance on Sunday morning?
  • There seems to be a different feel before this Easter than last Easter. Of course, Friday night's event was huge. But last year I spent a month pounding "invite, invite, invite" into everyone heads. This year I haven't talked about it as much but there seems to be a buzz from all the invitations that have been extended.
  • Maybe the themes I preached on last spring are starting to come to fruition this spring? Love Wins came out of my pre-Easter series last spring.
  • The band is practicing right now. I'm sure they'll nail "Come Alive." It's a great song but it's a difficult song. They gave up watching the KU game to practice - that's dedication.
  • It feels good to have everything already set up. I don't need to get to the school until 9:00, so I can sleep in a bit. About the only thing we need to do tomorrow morning is boil some coffee.
  • Our custodian, Joe, is AWESOME! Sunday will be his third straight day at Madison Elementary because of TFC. There was a sound training event tonight before and during the band's practice. Joe is actually a part of a church plant himself, but gives up time there on Sundays to be our custodian. He said he's got all his work done so he'll be able to sit in on worship tomorrow.
  • If just one family comes to know Christ because of last night's Easter Egg hunt, it will be worth the money. And we did spend a significant amount of money.
  • My brother-in-law is coming tomorrow. Have I mentioned I'm nervous about all the new people? My niece told him, "Daddy, I want you to come to my church." So he may be in TF Kidz.