Monday, March 31, 2008

I served communion to the Mayor yesterday

Sunday was our last day doing the service at the nursing home until next year. Chris Billings came along again to play the guitar. I explained how Chris' guitar is usually plugged in but we decided not to do that in the nursing home, which got a few laughs.

I was quite surprised when I walked through the door and saw our mayor, Carol Leahman sitting in the audience. She was visiting her mom who is a resident at Vintage Park. I'll be honest and say it was pretty intimidating to preach to the Mayor, especially since she was one of the few people who stayed awake during the entire message. But after a few minutes, I got over my nervousness and actually preached much better there than I did that morning at TFC. After the message, Chris and I walked around the room serving communion to those in attendance.

I think it's a good thing for the Mayor to see our church in action. She heard our band play at the 150 tailgate party and has now heard me preach (hopefully that was a good experience for her); both of which were ways of serving our community. I figure it's a good thing for Gardner's leaders to know TFC is alive w/young, passionate leaders and actively serving our community.

And as another interesting note; one elderly resident gave Chris and I a sincere thank-you after we were done. She said, "I know you're busy and it's probably hard to get over here on a Sunday (which is true) but we so appreciate you being here; you're the only church we get." Really made that hour worth it. And we were still out in time to watch the KU game.

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