Monday, March 3, 2008

God is moving in our small groups!

Wow, God did some great stuff in our small groups on Sunday night.

Here are two emails I got from leaders:

Our group (16 people) met tonight. Again, very good discussion.
There was a universal appreciation for Dan and how he presented the material. We heard (and made) comments like: "that was an ah-ha moment ..."; "...the examples/stories were very pertinent..." and "I never thought of it (prayer) that way."
Of the seven (7) main points, the standouts mentioned by our group were: "Effective Prayer is SPECIFIC," "Effective Prayer requires PARDON/FORGIVENESS," and "Effective Prayer will produce SPIRITUAL PASSION."


I just wanted to take a minute to summarize our group meeting tonight. We started with a recap and discussion about the sermon. I was really hoping that by the end of the evening we would be able to make some sort of commitment to each other as prayer partners. Something incredible happened after a general discussion. We all confessed that our communication with God was lacking. Then we made a plan for how we could revive our commitment to prayer and build our relationship with ourselves. We had trouble hashing out details because there wasn't much time, but eventually we decided to privately write specific requests and trade with each other (woman to woman, man to man). This was the most meaningful small group meeting so far. I ...We are excited to listen to what God has to tell us!

And David Brush posted this link

I also got this email today:
This past Sunday was probably one of the most effective services I've attended in my life.

Finally, another person emailed to say that though they've been meaning to for awhile, they were finally able to make it to their first small group meeting on Sunday night and "enjoyed myself thoroughly."

Great stuff!

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