Monday, March 3, 2008

Love Wins - February

Erin and Jaymie had a great night at the clubs on Friday night, good stuff happening.
Since all I saw was the front door as they went in and out, I'll let my sweet wife share her story from Friday night.

This month's trip to the clubs was the most fun yet! Each time we arrive now, people greet us with big grins. I finally remembered to ask the name of the door guy at End Zone. He smiled and replied that he can't remember any of that stuff either becuase he works so many jobs. We also got to talk to Penny and Angela for a little while. These two ladies are managers at the club. We found out that it was Angela's birthday when a guy came up and said, "See, someone else remembered." He was talking about the fact that we brought chocolate dipped strawberries. We actually didn't know it was her birthday though... When I asked Tammy how everyone was doing, she said just fine. Then she told me that she has mentioned to the girls to call us if they need to talk. She talked about the cards that we put in the bags with our information on them. That's good news!
When we got to Bonita Flats, the strawberries were a hit! As soon as we walked in the door, we offered them to the door guy. One of the girls was sitting right next to him and jumped up to talk to us. Her face was really beaming. We introduced ourselves and she told us her name and smiled and thanked us for coming and bringing gifts. She grabbed a strawberry while we were chatting. Then we walked into the club and the strawberries were a magnet. Three other girls came over to get a strawberry. We talked for about 5 minutes. One of the girls kept saying how sweet it is that we bring gifts all the time. She mentioned the jars with cookie mix and how she and her daughter baked them together. Another girl kept going on and on about the strawberries and how she LOVED them. We offered to set the tray up on the bar, but they said they would take them to the back so that they could eat them all!
Thanks to Sarah and Aaron Holmes and Elizabeth Diddle for their gift of these fabulous strawberries!

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jeremy myers said...

This is fantastic. Way to go! I am going to direct my wife to your blog since she wants to start something very similar to a few of the strip clubs in our area.