Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Super Servant - My sweet wife!

Yes, I realize this looks like I'm trying to score some points with my wife but in reality, Erin doesn't really like it when I single her out. But if anyone deserves recognition as a Super Servant, it's my wife.

To explain why I say this, let me give you a picture into an average 5-day stretch for my wife. Last Wednesday night, she worked with some other members of the Love Wins ministry to put together the gift bags for their trip to the clubs that Friday night. On Thursday night, Erin lead her 5th graders in a big musical program. On Friday night, she loaded up the gift bags and took them to the two Gentleman's clubs for Love Wins. Since Erin was there by herself, she didn't go into the clubs but she was warmly greeted by the security at both clubs. In fact, the head security guy at one of the clubs gave Erin his email address because they want to continue helping the family that the Strahan small group has been helping.
I woke Erin up early Sunday morning to tell her that Pastor Andy was puking his guts out and wouldn't be able to lead TF Kidz that morning. So what does my sweet wife do? She gets all the supplies and lesson plans from Andy and she leads the entire kids program that morning. Maybe I shouldn't be that impressed, she did have like an entire half hour to prepare!
On Monday night Erin spent three hours at her sister's house watching their three kids while her sister and husband attended the Financial Peace University class I'm helping to teach. It's an awesome class, by the way, not my teaching but the change happening in people's lives.
Finally, every single night (almost) Erin posts on her Love Wins Dialogue blog. There are several ladies growing closer to Christ through reading this blog. We've also started putting this blog address in the Love Wins bags.

Wow! It makes me tired just writing all of this.

It was exactly 10 years ago that Erin and I went out on our first date. We went to Kemper Arena for the Stars on Ice show. It was an expensive date, I had to save for it but I was hoping it would tip Erin's decision toward "yes." In the middle of the date she told me she would've gone on a date with me wherever I'd planned. It was still however, money well spent!

I'd known Erin about 6 months before asking her out. It was long enough to know she was special. I had no idea however, just how special she really was. The longer we're married the more I realize the incredible gift that God has brought into my life. I can't imagine a better ministry partner.


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Darric and Jenn said...

What a sweet blog, Donnie! Your wife is one incredible lady! Wish we could see more of you guys...we definitely need to get together sometime. Take care & tell Erin hello for me!