Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Financial Peace University has begun!

Our FPU preview class was held last night at the King of Kings Lutheran church. I'm really excited about this class for several reasons. First of all, there were 28 different families that bought the packet and decided to go through the class. That means there are 28 more families in this area that will be able to make an impact for the Kingdom of God because they'll be learning how to (in Dave Ramsey's own words) "live like no one else so they can give like no one else." I'm thoroughly convinced that there is nothing better than intentionally living on less than we make so we can fulfill Jesus' expectation that his followers share with "the least of these."

I'm pumped that 7 families from TF are going through the class!

I'm pumped that a guy who played on our softball team was at the preview class last night. I talked with Dan, the pastor of KOK Lutheran and he said that guy began coming to church about 6 months ago. Coincidental, 6 months ago, Travis Theel invited him to play softball with us. It's really not a coincidence that the time he was hanging around church guys was also the time he decided to get back into church. We didn't win many games, but we pointed people toward the Kingdom!

I'm also pumped about a particular family that decided to take the class. I can't really share too many details, but it's nothing short of a miracle that they were even at the preview class together, let alone deciding to work on this area of their marriage!

God is at work in people's lives and we get to be a part of it!

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