Monday, January 7, 2008

Our gift to Water Partners

Yesterday was the last day we were collecting money for Water Partners International.
We've now raised a total of ..........................
Wow! That's awesome! That's generosity! That's our church living out the discipline of Sacrificial Giving. That's also bringing the Kingdom of God not only to our little corner of the world but a far-off corner of the world as well! We found ways to intentionally spend less on ourselves to serve people in Ethiopia who literally have almost nothing.
Days like this make me so proud of this church!

I'm also proud to say that TFC raised more money than the church pastored by my good friend, Russ Koelzer, Lifestream Christian. Russ was already to call me to brag that they'd raised more than us, but we ended up passing them.
Seriously, though, it's awesome to be able to come together with other churches in Gardner to transform our world. I love it!!!!

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WaterPartners said...

On behalf of WaterPartners International I'd like to say WOW and Thanks! The day-to-day changes in spending are inconvenient and may seem trivial, but what a great way to help others! Please know that your sacrifices will allow others not to have to sacrifice so much just for clean water.Thank you!