Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Why Financial Peace University worked for the Marty family

On Sunday, Bill Marty shared why the FPU class literally transformed his life.
Here's the outline of what he shared:

Step One - as always - is to admit you can use help. Money is how we size each other up in this country and it's also the easiest to fake. You can't fake being an athlete, and you can't fake being a rocket scientist, but you can fake financial success with debt. That path leads to trouble!
Understand that unless you got it from you parents, we aren't taught this in school - especially on our generation. When I look back over my education, I learned little to nothing of personal finance from school. I learned most it from advertisers. We almost all did, whether we'll admit to it or not. My parents put all the ideas in my head, but they didn't have near the focused and high powered attack that the "buy stuff" industry had. And I probably didn't listen very well all the time.
You have to TRULY BELIEVE that "stuff" won't make you happy. I always "knew" this and I always said it. I probably always believed it on some level, but I didn't ACT like it. After I went through the class, I was disgusted enough with how I'd been acting (and how often I've been sold something) that I finally fully integrated this into my spirit.
When people hear the word "budget," it has bad connotations. We automatically think we're being put on a financial "diet". The budget doesn't cause you to have any more or less money - it only causes you to take responsibility for it, and THAT is what really frightens people when it comes down to it.
Probably the number one thing - it's not too late! No matter how old you are, it may be too late to become a multi-millionaire or it may not be, but it is never too late to influence your children or other people in you life! If your kids really get the message when they are young, you have blessed them mightily.

Thanks, Bill. To register for the preview class on Jan. 7th, simply send me an email.


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BillMarty said...

Thanks for the opportunity, Donnie! I believe in this program very much, and am very excited to see some interest being generated!