Sunday, December 9, 2007

The weather outside is somewhat frightful...

... but the Gardner-Edgerton school district has decided it's very frightful, so they closed the facilities for the day. Erin and I drove up to Des Moines Friday evening for a family Christmas dinner, knowing we might have a long trip home. We left my uncles' at 7:00 and one hour later got a call from the school district saying they were closing the facilities. So, had I gotten that one hour earlier, I could've enjoyed being snowed in with my cousins. But the trip wasn't really that bad. By the time we hit the Missouri border, the snow had stopped falling and the roads were completely clear.

There is a thin layer of ice on the parking lot at the school, but it isn't really that bad. But it is nice that the school district made the decision, so I didn't have to fret over it.

I enjoyed sleeping in and reading today's Advent scripture, Isaiah 11:1-10. This is one of my favorite passages in the entire bible! It's a beautiful picture of the complete fulfillment of the kingdom of God.

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