Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Love Wins - Night 5

An update from my wife on her and Jaymie Beal's trip to the clubs last Friday night:

On our most recent visit to The End Zone, I wanted to talk to one of the managers about doing a little something extra for the month of December. We got to talk with one of the guys who manages and DJs at the club. His name was Harry. When we got to the booth, Harry was busy changing music and talking to people. When he was available, I introduced myself and Jaymie and told him that we were wondering if we could decorate the dressing room for the Christmas season. He shook his head and said that there was too much going on all the time and it wouldn't work. I then suggested that we could come in when business wasn't going on, maybe before opening hours. He put his head down and then chuckled and said, "Okay, I 'll let you talk to Angela."

Angela came over and we told her what we were wanting to do. She looked kind of doubtful and asked what the charge would be. Jaymie realized that we hadn't told her who we were, so she told her that we were part of Love Wins and that it wouldn't be an charge at all. She smiled in recognition. And then it was decided that we would come a week later on a Saturday morning.

When I got home I realized that next week wouldn't work because I had to be out of town all day Saturday. So, I called the club and tried to talk to Angela, but she had already left for the evening. Harry, however answered and told me that he thought it would be okay for us to come the very next day which was also Saturday. While on the phone, he also told me that he had wanted Angela to talk to me about some things. At that moment, I got a bit nervous, wondering what he was going to say next. Was there something wrong? Were we upsetting someone? Then he TOTALLY surprised me by telling me that they had been thinking about adopting a family for Christmas and he wondered if I could help to point them in the right direction. I agreed right away because I knew something Harry didn't know...

Just the night before, Jaymie had gotten online to to sign up for an adopt-a-family so that we could ask the clubs if they would want to partner with us to help someone for the holiday season. WOW! God is a God of coincidences! I hung up the phone so encouraged that I had to immediately share this with others! Isn't God great?

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