Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What could we do with this space?

Let's dream together for a minute or two. What could we do with this rental space in the middle of downtown, right on Main street? I'd love for this to become a "third space" for our church. A place besides home and work where people go to hang out. I'd love to see this building become a place where community is built and people are able to be together beyond Sunday mornings. I also love that this building is one of the most significant historical landmarks in Gardner. I also love its visibility. We could be communicating different messages on the windows for all the people who would be driving by.
We'd need a purpose, though. We'd probably also need whatever happens in this space to pay for the monthly rent. But the rent is only $1,000 a month, which isn't bad. What if we started a coffeehouse? We could start a franchise like this one or we could run our own.
I'd love to see something happen but I also know it's beyond me. Running a coffeehouse is not my gifting. Is is possible that God may be calling someone else to start a business like this?

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Derin Beechner (Durk Niblick) said...


I have been trained in the ways of the Barista (coffee bartender)!

How about a youth hang out? Video games, board games, study?