Monday, December 3, 2007

The God of the Impossible

It was late Saturday afternoon by the time I finished my final preparations for Sunday. But despite the work I'd put in, it didn't seem like the message was coming together. I finally gave up and went upstairs to watch the Big 12 Championship game with Erin.

While we were watching the game, I told Erin, "my message tomorrow is going to suck." Erin asked why I didn't just redo the message, but 7:00 on Saturday night is too late for me to be doing that, too much pressure. But I did practice it one more time that night and again on Sunday morning. I felt a bit better, but still figured I was going to be preaching a dud.

Well, I don't think yesterday's message was a dud. The entire service seemed to be a pretty powerful experience. After the message, we sang 3 songs and gave the opportunity for people to be anointed during the singing. Josh, Ashley and I were on one side while Aaron, Areon and Ben were on the other. I can' t speak for the other group, but those we prayed for seemed to be serious in their prayers. There seemed to be a prayerful and worshipful spirit during the worship.

During tear-down, Areon Kelvington came up and gave me a bear hug, thanking me for what happened during the service. He told me it was one of the best worship times and best sermons he'd ever experienced at TF! I don't think it's a false humility to say that I couldn't take much credit for the compliment. What might be a bit ironic is that the title of Sunday's message was The God of the Impossible.

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