Wednesday, September 5, 2007

100 hour journey of prayer - completed

I started the 100 hours of prayer for TFC in the middle of January and I finally finished on August 30th. I blogged on the journey at the halfway point here.
I took a two week break after hour 55 when I was frustrated with the "flopping" of our Love and Logic weekend and the neighborhood group I'd tried to start. For some of my thoughts on those frustrations, check this out.
During these last 50 hours I've lifted a lot of names to God. I write down in my journal a person, family or concern I'm praying about and then talk to God about it for awhile. Writing it down helps keep my mind focused and it allows me to go back through and see what I've been praying about.
During these past 50 hours God has spoken to me a lot, too. He's been breaking my pride; showing me this church isn't about me, it's about him. Just when God took me to the point of feeling like I had no business leading a church, He "showed up" at TFC and started doing some great things. I started this journey knowing God wanted to do a lot in my heart, but I had no idea where he'd be taking me.
This really is a journey.

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